skin, wallpapers and model.

Surf with cherry!

Everyone who take a seat in Nissan Cherry will probably agree with me, that his interior is very ergonomic and practical. All details are estetic but intelligible.

That's why I decided to use Nissan Cherry interior design in computers. Thanks to capabilities of Opera, Photoshop and Gimp and spending many hours with them, I'd prepared Cherry Skin for Opera Web Browser.

All elements except smiles (emoticons) and person's symbols are based on cherry interior. The colors also.

Scrap of Opera's Cherry Skin Scrap of another Opera's Cherry Skin

Don't you use Opera (yet) ?

Opera is very comfortable, powerfull, secure, configurable web browser, but you can also use it as email program, irc, news or RSS client... or as picture viewer...And downloadable version is about 3MB size! Only Firefox with many plugins is comparable with Opera.

More information you can find at Official Opera Site and you can download it from Opera Download Page (almost all platforms!).

...you may also go to Opera Cherry Skin Page

For all of you who don't like dark colors I'd prepared something lighter - CherryLight :-)

Scrap of Opera's Cherry Light Skin Scrap of another Opera's Cherry Light Skin

This skin also request Opera ;-)

Visit Opera Cherry Light Skin Page.

Work with Cherry!

Here you can find high quality photos ready for your's computer desktop.

If you want more - visit gallery.

Rally with Cherry!

One enthusiast (Omen) prepare model which you can use to play with at Half Life Rally

Unfortunatelly web page of this project dissapear, but you can still download it from here.

...And you can still ask developers how to install and play using Cherry model at Half Life Rally site.